MTAC's background and history
MTAC's (pronounced "M"~"TAC") humble beginning in the early 1990's was initiated when the company's owners realised there was an increasing demand for exclusive and unique lines of collar buttons for use on the classic and always in-style traditional Malay attire called the "Baju Melayu". As such, MTAC started to produce these unique buttons to cater for such needs which have grown quite tremendously over the past decade brought about mainly by the steady increase in local consumers' purchasing power and their heightened discerning tastes.

MTAC Sdn Bhd was incorporated on September 16, 1995 as a company supplying exclusive and unique collar buttons to be used on traditional Malay attire for men called the "Baju Melayu" (or "Malay Dress" when translated into English). These buttons, belonging to the "costume jewellery" category are made in a matching set of five (5) and are usually constructed of various grades of metal/alloy (some in pure silver), adorned with various stones (precious or semi-precious) or being of plain designs without any stones.

Later, we evolved into trading of oleochemicals as we are based right in the centre of the palm oil derived oleochemical region with our products mainly sourced from Southeast-Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.